Why does the pop-up only display once?

The pop-up will only display when the FIRST TIME your customer visits your website EVERY DAY. It will not disappear unless the customer submits a correct email.

Can I change the fonts?

The fonts in the pop up are the same as the fonts on your website, you need to change your website’s fonts in order to change the pop-up’s fonts.

Why my discount is not changing after I save it?

Please allow around 1 – 2 minutes for the app to detect the changes.

Will it affect the pop-up if I changed another theme?

Yes, you need to RE-ENABLE again the pop-up after you change your theme.

How to change the pop-up location?

Please make sure you DISABLE the pop-up before changing the location, the changes will be applied after you RE-ENABLE it.

How many discount codes can a customer use each time?

Each discount code can only be used once per customer.

Can the customer spin again if they got a 0 discount?

Unfortunately no. They can try another day with another email address.

Have the emails been verified before adding to my list?

Yes, all emails will be verified before the customer gets the discount code.

Why is the integration not working for me?

Please make sure you provided the CORRECT API KEY. If you are using MailChimp, please also make sure you have and selected a LIST.

Where can I export all the collected emails?

Go to your Shopify backend > Customers and click ‘Export’.

Why can’t I delete the discount if I click Save?

Save button is disabled if you don’t have any discount in the list, you need at least one discount to make the pop-up works properly. If you want to change your discount type, you can select ‘Delete one’ then ‘Add another’ and the discount will change after you save it.

Where do the collected emails go?

All collected emails can be found in your Shopify Customers section. If you are using integration, the emails will go into the list you have selected:

  • A tag called ‘Magic Pop-up’ will be created in your Omnisend account where it stores all the collected emails.
  • A list called ‘Magic Pop-up’ will be created in your Klaviyo account where it stores all the collected emails (if you didn’t select any list).
  • Collected emails will be stored in your MailChimp list.
  • Collected emails will be stored directly in your ActiveCompaign (if you didn’t select any list).