How can I renew my monthly storage?

You can upgrade to a higher plan or purchase extra storage package. Your monthly storage will be renewed every 30 days.

Free Trial plan IS NOT RENEWABLE.

Will my plan be upgraded if I purchase an extra strage package?

Your plan will NOT be changed unless you upgrade to a new plan.

Will I be charged if I degrade my plan?

Every plan will be charged on the first day you upgrade. The previous subscription will be canceled immediately when you upgrade to a new plan.

Will my plan be resumed if I re-install the app?

Your plan will return to a ‘Free Trial’ plan when you delete the app. If you uninstall it accidentally, please contact us.

How to calculate my storage consumption?

Image Optimization and Image SEO will consume your storage, there’s no extra consumption for image revert.

What is image SEO?

As described in Shopify, alt (alternative) text describes a media item and is an important part of a product description. If a media item can’t load for any reason, then alt text is shown instead. It’s also used by assistive technology to describe an image to a customer who’s visually impaired. Including alt text can boost your website’s SEO.

How long can the app keep my images?

All uploaded images will be expired after 30 mins. All optimized images will be expired after 30 days, which means they cannot be reverted after 30 days.

Why is my image’s size get increased after optimizing?

If your image is already in a low quality, use high quality optimization may increase the size.

Why is my image’s size not changed after optimizing?

The app will stop optimizing your image if your image quality is already the lowest.