How to change my current store to a Main store or Link store?

For Link store, you can simply click ‘Switch Store Type’, you will have chance to switch to a main store or link to another main store.

For Main store, you have to delete the app and re-install again. Please notice, all your link stores and you subscription will be lost.

Where can I get my result?

We will provide you with a result URL after you finish the search. Every query will overwrite the URL, you can copy and paste the result to an excel if you want to save it.

How long can the app keeps my result URL?

Result URL will be discarded after 24 hours.

How can I delete link store?

You can uninstall the app from the link store and it will be deleted automatically.

Will I be charged if I degrade my plan?

Every plan will be charged on the first day you upgrade. The previous subscription will be cancelled immediately when you upgrade to a new plan.

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