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Starting in 2019, Smart Ecom Tech has focused exclusively on Shopify app creation. We constantly research and develop software that helps small businesses thrive! We center our apps around basic business setups, day-to-day tasks, and overall customer experience. Our headquarters are located in Mississauga, ON and our apps are available worldwide on Shopify and Shopify Plus. 

Smart ECom Tech wants to help your online business grow in a snap! Take the guesswork out of tedious marketing tasks with our apps. Join our growing merchant community and download today.

We are Doing

We have created feature-packed applications that are compatible with Shopify’s platform. We have built apps for Pinterest, TikTok, Image SEO, Order Lookups, Upsell, Pop-up and more.

We help merchants to grow their business effectively, boost conversion rates and average order value with pricing and promotion apps, make recurring revenue with subscriptions, create customized products and experiences, and more