Smart Ecom Tech

We build software to help small businesses thrive

Our team at Smart Ecom Tech helps grow your business with the right apps!

We have created feature-packed applications that are compatible with Shopify’s platform. We have built apps for Pinterest, TikTok, Image SEO, Order Lookups, and more.

We have a talented group of developers who take time to analyze the constant changes and innovations in digital marketing, making sure to include notable developments into each application created. Each application is designed, developed, and tested by our team in one smooth process.

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Creating a group of apps that are easy to understand and use is what we strive to do in the coming years. We hope to expand our application collection as digital culture and marketing strategies grow.

Smart Ecom Tech

Our APPs

Magic Upsell

Boost your sale after Purchase

Post purchase pop-up to help you catch your customers with just a click

14-day free trail available

Magic Pinterest Pixel

Best one click events tracking

Have all your Pinterest data tracked in just one click. Discover your best performing pins and retarget correct audiences

7-day free trail available

Magic TikTok Pixel

Word first Tiktok pixel tracking

Helping to set up all needed base code to your store from Tiktok with one click, track your conversion with word hottest app!

7-day free trail available

Magic Pop-Up

High conversion & email collected

User friendly with elegant design, email platform integrated help you to build your email list and engage your customers.

30-day free trail available

Magic Image Optimizer

Optimized and SEO your Images Just one click

Magic Image SEO Optimizer uses compression technology to help improve the speed of loading images on your webpage while utilizing the alt text attribution for better SEO optimization.

Free install

Magic Order Lookup

Leave the lengthy order searching to us!

Magic Order Lookup allows you to have all your stores linked in one place allowing you to navigate through all your orders faster.

Free to install

Magic Add To Cart Discount

Generate more sales for your stores!

Easily promote special offers and discounts on your stores. You can promote unique products and set up for holidays, events, and just for fun!

7-day free trail available

Magic Pixel 4 in 1

Save your time and drive conversions more efficiently!

No need to download different applications for each platform. Our Magic Pixel works to track data on Linkedin, Reddit, Quora, and Twitter.

7-day free trail available